18mm Watch Band Strap

Quick Release Silicone Rubber Watch Bands Straps.

Bosail is a manufacturer of 18mm watch straps, providing processing and production of a variety of 18mm silicone watch band and rubber watch straps.

18mm Standard Width Watch Band Strap

 18mm Silicone Strap

  • Features: Apple strap buckle
  • Model: BS-GE-011
  • Width: 18mm | 20mm |22mm
18mm Watch Band Strap

18/20/22mm breathable watch band

  • Features: Apple strap buckle
  • Model: BS-GE-012
  • Width: 18mm | 20mm |22mm
18mm two colors Nike Watch Band Strap

Two Colors Silicone Watch Band Strap

  • Features: Apple strap buckle
  • Model: BS-GE-021
  • Width: 18mm | 20mm | 22mm
XIAOMI Watch 18mm convex silicone watch band

Xiaomi Watch Sports Color Silicone Strap

  • Features: Needle buckle
  • Model: GE-XiaoMi-Color
  • Width: 18mm

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