more standard width watch strap match your smart watch

Bosail currently has many types of straps. In addition to special brand replacement straps, there are also many standard-width straps. These straps are likely to be very suitable for your watch.

Most watches have a standard lug designed to accommodate any appropriate width strap. Our straps are suitable for thousands of traditional and smartwatches with lug widths between 18 mm and 22 mm.

18mm Smart Watch Straps
20mm Smart Watch Straps
22mm Smart Watch Straps
24mm Smart Watch Straps

Apple Watch users should directly browse our Apple Watch Band series designed for all Apple Watch series and sizes. All others, please keep reading below!

Step 1: Determine the lug width by one of the following methods:

-Check the mark on the bottom of the current bracelet.

-Use a metric ruler or print our measurement template to measure the width.

-Smart watch owners can check our common smart watch lug width table.

-Search online for the specifications of your watch brand/model.

Smart Watch Standard Width

Step 2: Buy straps that fit the width of the lugs

18 mm | 20 mm | 22mm


Step 3: Switch it!

All our bands are designed to swap in and out in seconds, no tools required! Switch it throughout the week to decorate your wardrobe or throughout the day to accommodate events. Trust us, it’s great.

Quick release: Just insert one end of the spring lever into the lug, and then slide the quick release lever with your fingers.

Smart Watch Quick Release Guide