1. Watch types

In general, there are three main kinds of watches, smart watch, quartz watch and mechanical watch.

samsung gear s3 bands blue

samsung gear s3 bands blue

We can not only use smartwatch to look at time. What’s more, it has functions of listening music, watching video, calling, watching photos and so on. Smart watch has greatly facilitated and enriched people’s lives, and provides us with excellent service.


A quartz watch uses a battery to support the rotation of watch hands. Of course, it doesn’t have such strong functions as smartwatch. Generally, people can use it to know time and calendar.

The biggest characteristic of mechanical watch is that its power is not provided by electricity. And the power is provided by the swinging of people’s hands. As we all know, man regards the mechanical watch as eternal art that can be handed down from ancient times. Therefore, its price is high, and can even be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And at the same time, there are many details that need to pay attention to when owing a mechanical watch. For example, we can’t run and play sports with it on our hands. Sometimes, it may have a big random error, and we need to adjust it.

2. Watch band manufacturer

As watch strap manufacturers all know, a complete wristwatch consists of a watch core and a custom watch band. Generally speaking, we mainly use silicone, rubber, nylon, and plastic TPU as material of watch strap.

Silicone rubber watch bands and straps showroom

Silicone rubber watch bands and straps showroom

Of course, metal watch bands include gold watch band, silver watch band, titanium watch band, ceramic watch band and so on. And there are other soft watch strap material including alligator watch strap, buffalo watch band, canvas watch bands, nylon watch strap, rubber watch bands and so on. The rubber watch band is a kind of soft and smooth watch strap and is sticky to man’s hand. What’s more, rubber wristbands are totally waterproof. Therefore, they are mainly used for dive watch bands and sports silicone wristbands. BOSAIL Watch Band Factory is a silicone watch strap manufacturer. And we can provide quality rubber watch strap with many different colors. For example, camo silicone bracelets, purple silicone watch band, white silicone watch straps, black silicone wristband and so on.

3. Silicone rubber watch bands introduction

There are mainly two kinds of silicone material, organic silicone and inorganic silicone. And the organic silicone can be divided into silicone rubber material, silicone resin and silicone oil. Generally speaking, the watch strap material we usually use is a kind of silicone rubber, which we call RTV silicone(room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber). The raw material for producing silicone rubber includes silica fume, methanol and hydrochloric acid. And we can finally get watch band material of silicone rubber through a series of complex chemical processes. The molecular weight of this kind of silicone rubber material is low, and it’s liquid under the room temperature. Therefore, we also call it liquid silicone rubber.

At first, we mix cross-linking agent and platinum catalyst in liquid silicon. Then, silicone mold manufacturer inject the mixture into the custom injection molds. After a period of vulcanization reaction, it can be solidified to a certain shape. Generally, the vulcanization reaction of liquid silicone rubber molding can be carried out at normal temperature. Therefore, silicone band manufacturer calls it RTV silicone(room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber). Also, we can slightly heat the material and get RTV silicone high temp to enhance the reaction speed. Sometimes, we want to get conductive silicone material of different specify gravity, silicone shore hardness, strength, colors and texture. We can help to realize it by using different additives.

4. Difference between silicone rubber and organic rubber

When comparing the silicone rubber materials with general pure organic rubber, we know that the silicone rubber material has a better resistant performance of high and low temperature. And the traditional rubber will be frozen and crispy and lose the function as silicone seal. Of course, it’s under the circumstance of outer space where the sunlight can’t reach.

Therefore, the raw silicone rubber that silicone rubber manufacturers develop as aerospace material has a featured property. It has silicone elastomer properties of heat and cold resistance. No matter it’s in the extreme environment of silicone rubber high temperature 300℃ or silicone rubber low temperature -90℃. It can both keep the chemical structure and won’t lose original flexibility. Compared with natural rubber material, it also has no bacterial growth. What’s more, its surface tension is very low, not easy to be soaked by sweat and rain. Therefore, the service life of silicone rubber products can be up to several decades in the natural environment.

Silicone product thermal press and molding machine

Silicone watch strap thermal press and molding machine

5. A project of watch strap by BOSAIL Industrial
5.1. The change of wristband design
5.1.1 Current situation investigation
A. We design the silicone bracelets middle plate of the first die mold with three positioning columns.
B. As we silicone wristband manufacturers know, three points can position a plane. There are three positioning columns for silicone wristbands, which has satisfied the limitation of four degrees of freedom in the X/Y direction.
C. When we follow our client’s requirement of three positioning columns for custom silicone bracelets, there are some problems. Through the actual operation of the silicone production line, we found that the middle plate always crushed the die mould.

silicone watch strap

5.1.2 Analysis of causes

A. The position areas of the three compound die positioning column are too short. In the whole silicone rubber molding process, there is a process that the medium plate of die and mold slowly descends. When it has gone through the guide area and begin to enter the position area, the lower die forming surface of the medium plate is ready to touch the bottom die.
B. The station of injection molding machine is not stable enough.

silicone watch strap
5.1.3 Solutions
A. Changing the three positioning columns of press dies to four. We can achieve the high precision of personalized wristbands by over positioning it.
B. Increase the die mold length of location area from 6.99mm to 23.99mm.
C. Increase the thermoforming mold length of safety area from 2.49mm to 5.49mm.
D. By changing these watch strap designs, no more cases that the middle plate crushes the die and mold occurs while using the subsequent replication injection molds.

silicone watch strap
5.2 Removing trace combination
5.2.1 Current situation investigation
A. We packed the core and made a real match of the silicone watch strap. After that, we found that there was an uneven mark of silicone molding material combination in the window position.
B. Rubber watch bands are once forming with two kinds of silicone watch bands material of different silicone hardness. The weight of 70° silicone molding material is 4.5 grams, the weight of 40° silicone rubber material is 7.5 grams. And the weight of each cave is 12 grams.

silicone watch strap
5.2.2 Fishbone analysis method:
A.Man: The way of marker making that injection mold